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1.244 Notes

Account Contact Domain

A new package field is available that displays the most frequently found domain of contacts under an account. This allows companies to establish lead to account matches using domains, but not relying exclusively on account website data. With this new field, a lead to account match can be made if the lead’s email domain matches either the most common domain found among contacts under the account, or the account’s website, resulting in a higher likelihood of finding an accurate match.

Health Dashboard

From the launcher, you can open Lane Four’s Health Dashboard which displays insights about Lane Four processing in your Org. You will find metrics on Lead to Account Matching, Lead, Account and Contact Assignments, Region Automation, Lead Conversion, SLA’s and more. Explore the first iteration of this new tool as we build upon it to give you greater visibility into the role Lane Four plays in your Salesforce, and the health of your Lane Four processes.

Lead Processing Delay Configuration

Sometimes, our clients prefer to add a delay before Lane Four lead processing to accommodate the time it takes other apps to enrich new records. Configure this delay inside Core Settings by adding a minute value into the field: Delay Lead Processing. Adding a value will push all new leads to go through Lane Four asynchronous batch processing, in the first scheduled batch after the delay time has elapsed.

You can choose the frequency of that batch job, which will impact how often Lane Four checks whether any new leads have passed their delay window. To configure the frequency, navigate to the Batch Jobs page in Core Settings and find the job called: Transaction Processing Self Scheduled Job. As the Lane Four running user, delete its existing schedule and reschedule it with your desired frequency.

Minor Updates

  • Related Leads on accounts will now display in your Match View page component based on exact domain matches by default, so that teams working accounts can have access to leads from those accounts without the need to manage configurations
  • Audit Report transactions are updated so the most recent ones display on top
  • Added logging when running Mass Merges for visibility into underlying processes
  • Improved feedback on enabling Lane Four Transaction Processing Job
  • Added transaction logging for assignments performed via Custom Object Round Robin
  • Updated nested pages on the Lane Four Launcher to improve navigation capability
  • Condensed scope of One Click Lead to Account job to improve its efficiency
  • Improved preview interface when doing a Batch Lead Convert
  • Introduced additional Round Robin assignment handling in cases where there is insufficient configuration to perform the assignment
  • Improved Round Robin UX when editing or creating multiple Round Robins
  • Updated Match View Page Component to streamline available actions based on the matches found
  • Added the combination of country, state, area code, employee range and revenue range to the Region Automation matching logic
  • Allow blank values to be saved when adding Region Automation Details via the user interface
  • Improved actions interface on Priority Regions in Region Automation
  • Optimized the batch job which updates the contact free mail domain checkbox
  • Optimized the batch job which updates Lane Four fields on leads, accounts and contacts to skip records which have all their Lane Four fields populated
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