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1.238 Notes

Update Account Domain from Contacts

Matching Leads to Accounts based on domain is a highly accurate approach, which some companies are challenged to adopt when their accounts have limited website information or if account websites do not match the email domains used by employees. For those cases we have developed a feature that will populate the Account Domain field used for Lead to Account Matching from contact domains under the account. Lane Four will look at all the contacts under an account and select the most popular email domain to be used as the Account Domain. This then makes it possible to configure Lead to Account Matching rules to look for identical values in Lead Domain and Account Domain, without relying on Account Website data.

To turn on this feature, go to Core Settings from the Lane Four Launcher (gear icon), and check off the setting “Populate Account Domain With Most Common Contact Domain”. To update existing Accounts based on the most popular Contact Domain, run the Batch Job: “Update Account Domains with Most Common Contact Domain”.

Add Contact Roles on Auto Convert & UI Update

The Auto Convert interface has been updated to improve clarity around settings for continuous conversion and batch conversion. We also introduce a new feature to automatically add contact roles during conversion. The contact role is added to the new opportunity if you choose to auto create an opportunity on conversion, or if you do not, it is added to the most recent existing opportunity.

Priority Region Automation Matching Change

We’ve updated the new Priority Region logic to only match records in priority regions if all specified values are a match, instead of allowing matches on a subset of values specified for the region. For example, if you put a region into the Priority bucket that has State = California and Min Employees = 1000, a Lead, Contact or Account going through Region Automation that has State = California and Number of Employees = 700 will not match to the Priority Region

With this change, more of our customers will be able to use the Priority Region feature where to match on the Priority Region requires multiple conditions which must all be met.

Minor Updates

  • Lane Four Self Schedule job, which is required to process Lane Four transactions has been updated so that when a user schedules it from the Batch Jobs page, they are presented with a success or failure message after confirming whether the schedule was accepted
  • We have added a Delete option to the Lane Four Running User, so that if an organization is looking to remove the configured user, they can do so with one click from the Core Settings page
  • To improve robustness, if the configured Lane Four Running User loses access to the necessary functions, we will proceed with processing under the current user, so as not to interrupt routing functions
  • Region Automation now allows matches on a combination of State, Area Code and Revenue Range fields
  • We have resolved a potential situation that would attempt to process transactions that could not be processed continuously, so that after all expected retry attempts were exhausted, we stop trying to process this transaction
  • We have removed a dependency on certain permissions which allows us to proceed with routing in the absence of those
  • Priority Region UI has been updated to facilitate the use of the Actions menu
  • Region Automation Detail UI has been updated to display the Region currently being viewed
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