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Prioritize Regions in Region Automation

Region Automation now allows you to select regions for priority matching. This will enable you to easily match Leads, Accounts and Contacts to a region based on a select set of values. When performing Region Automation, Lane Four will first check whether the record matches a region in the Priority list, and will only look for a match to the other regions, if none of the priority regions match.

Your existing regions will all remain in the general region list, unless you choose to move some into the priority list. Priority regions can be used for example, if you have organized your regions based on geography, but you want all leads where the number of employees is over 1000 to map to a single region, regardless of geography. You would put that region into the priority list, so all leads would first check whether the number of employees is over 1000, and only proceed to look for a match based on geography if the number of employees is not over 1000. The same can be done to single out a set of industries, or countries.


Lead to Account Matching and Conversion in a Trigger

To meet the demands of our customers who need to respond to new leads immediately, we have enhanced our Lead to Account Matching → Auto Conversion → Contact Assignment process to process it in a trigger so that when a lead comes in, it can be immediately assigned to the right individual based on the matched account.

A new setting in the Core Setting menu called “Process transaction in sync batch size” allows you to set the number of leads that can simultaneously go through these processes in a trigger. The standard setting is one (1) so that when a single lead is created, it will be processed in the trigger, whereas multiple leads will use scheduled batches that are queued and processed by Salesforce based on resource availability. Customers with lightweight processing on leads and contacts that expect simultaneous creation of multiple leads can increase this number to process more than one lead immediately in a trigger.

Round Robin Overflow to Another Round Robin

If you are using the Assignment Limit function in our Round Robin, you can now choose to send overflow assignments to another Round Robin. If all members of a Round Robin have reached their assignment limit, any additional assignments will use the overflow which can be a user, a queue, or another Round Robin.


Edit Lane Four Fields from Audit Report

Lane Four uses a variety of custom fields to perform actions such as Lead to Account Matching, Auto Conversion, Region Automation, Round Robin assignment, merging duplicates etc. Those fields are visible on Leads, Accounts and Contacts from the Audit Report link in the Lane Four Lightning Component (or Visual Force page). Previously the fields were read only, but now you can edit them from the same screen. It is no longer necessary to add those custom fields to your page layout for easy access, as they are available via the Audit Report.


Minor Updates

  • Added duplicate check on lead conversion so that if a contact with the same email address already exists on the matched account, the lead is merged into the existing contact
  • Added actions performed in a trigger to Audit report
  • Added retry option on failures of actions performed in a trigger
  • Updated Lane Four batch processing of transactions for improved robustness
  • Permission bypass added for assignment, to avoid errors due to missing permissions
  • Introduced ability to update converted leads via Region Automation if permission is granted to Lane Four user
  • Updated the Match View component to only show each record once, even if it meets criteria for multiple rules
  • Updated Mass Edit UI to allow users to edit records from Match View component
  • Updated Lane Four Running User configuration to display the selected user in record activity history for all Lane Four transaction processes
  • Permissions updated to allow any user to be set up as Lane Four Running User
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