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Lead-to-Account Matching for Salesforce

Boost your account-based strategies with accurate lead-to-account matching for Salesforce.

Gain visibility into your data with accurate matches.

Powerful lead-to-account matching in Salesforce.

Domain-Based Matching

Advanced Fuzzy Matching

Lead-to-Contact Matching


Custom Field Matching

Data Enrichment Integrations

Trusted by high-growth SaaS startups.

Salesforce-powered lead-to-account matching that is customizable to your business needs.

Easily view data relationships.

View all of your data relationships in one convenient place, no matter which object you’re working with.

Match anything.

Match any field to any field via Lane Four’s sophisticated matching engine.

Prioritize the matches you care about most.

Base matches on region, account attributes, customer information and more.

Empower your sales team today.

Up to 15 Sales Users*
$500 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Up to 40 Sales Users
$1,000 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Up to 100 sales users
$2,250 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Have More than 100 Sales Users? Sales Rep Packs available at $450 per 20 users.
*Sales User is defined as a Salesforce user who is eligible for routing assignments.

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