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Lead Routing for Salesforce

Revolutionize your account-based go-to-market strategies with easy-to-manage lead routing for Salesforce.

Everything you need in a routing tool.

Salesforce-powered lead routing.

Customize your business rules in a highly-flexible routing engine.

Route Any Object

Configure Custom Routing Rules

Auto-Create Accounts

Auto-Convert Leads

Round Robins, Queues, & Territories

Trusted by high-growth SaaS startups.

Lead routing for Salesforce that's
painless to implement, and simple to manage.

Route anything.

Get leads, contacts, opportunities, and custom objects to the right people.

Route to custom regions.

Load custom territories and assign any record based on multi-layered logic.

Build custom routing flows.

Manage routing rules in a simple interface, backed by Salesforce-powered rules engine.

Empower your sales team today.

Up to 15 Sales Users*

Access to All Features

Up to 40 Sales Users
$1,000 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Up to 100 sales users
$2,250 USD/Month

Access to All Features

Have More than 100 Sales Users? Sales Rep Packs available at $450 per 20 users.
*Sales User is defined as a Salesforce user who is eligible for routing assignments.

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