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Lane Four Lead Management

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Lead-to-Account Matching

  • Match the right leads to the right accounts quickly and seamlessly
  • Match any field to any field, standard or custom
  • Produce accurate matches – straightforward, fuzzy, or complex
  • View matches at a glance with Lane Four’s match view

Lead Routing

  • Manage your leads easily with customizable routing
  • Base routing decisions on any field
  • Set criteria for automated lead merging and conversion
  • Get the right leads to the right reps in real time

Round Robin Assignment

  • Assign leads, contacts, accounts, events, tasks, or custom objects via round robin
  • Automate sophisticated segmentation models
  • Easily set user limits and assignment weightings

Region Automation

  • Simplify complex territory-based assignments with automation
  • Easily define and update your territories based on geographic and firmographic criteria
  • Create reports based on your sales territories

Auto Lead Conversion & Account Creation

  • Auto-convert leads to contacts at the click of a button
  • Automatically create new accounts for converted leads that aren’t matched
  • Automatically create contact roles and opportunity creation

Simplify Key Revenue Ops Processes

  • Map activity on opportunities
  • Recycle leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Sync updated account statuses on related contacts and leads
  • Easily manage user changes like vacations and promotions
  • Track rep performance with SLAs

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