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Lane Four 2.0

Accelerate your go-to-market strategies today with lead routing for Salesforce.

Powerful Matching and Routing.

Simple Administration.

lane four lead routing

Trusted by high-growth SaaS startups.

New Setup Wizard

So simple, you’ll get from install to go-live in less than an hour.

Get your leads to the right reps fast—starting day one.

Lane Four 2.0 features a brand new user interface and easy-to-use administration. Now, routing is painless to implement, and simple to manage.

Key Feature

Lead-to-Account Matching

   Domain-Based Matching

   Advanced Fuzzy Matching


   Contact-to-Contact Matching

Gain visibility into your data with accurate matches.

Lane Four’s lead-to-account matching helped us clean up Salesforce in less than a day and has kept it straight and organized ever since.

Liz Hudson, Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Key Feature

Account-Based Lead Routing

Rules Wizard

Round Robins, Queues, & Territories

Auto-Conversion & Auto-Account Creation

Auto Opportunity & Contact Role Creation

Get records to the right people, at the right time.

We have a very complex business process when comes to routing, and it’s important for our business to be able to get the right lead to the right rep, so this tool is indispensable to us.

Ahmed Chowdhury, Head of Revenue Ops

Key Feature

Round Robin Assignment

Customizable Round Robin Framework

Weighted Distribution

Presence-Based Assignment

Shark-Tank Style Queues

Field & Region-Based Assignment

Assign records via custom regions, round robins, and queues.

We’ve been able to set up an end-to-end process combining our data enrichment and new territory assignments with Lane Four’s lead routing and region automation features. This process has saved huge amounts of time.

Aidas Dirse, Sales Operations Manager

Empower your sales team today.
Up to 15 Sales Users*
$500 USD

Access to All Features

Up to 40 Sales Users
$1,000 USD

Access to All Features

up to 100 sales users
$2,250 USD

Access to All Features

Have More than 100 Sales Users? Sales Rep Packs available at $450 per 20 users.
*Sales User is defined as a Salesforce user who is eligible for routing assignments.

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