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Round Robins

Round Robins allow you to create groups of users for assignments. For example, if you have a lot of inbound sales from one region, you may opt to create a round robin for this region that assigns leads to users in an ordered manner.

You can expand the details of a Round Robin by selecting it under the Assignment Field on the Rules page. Here you can see information on users, user status, last assigned time, credits, and whether a user is on leave, as well as add and make changes to users in the Round Robin.

How do I set up a Round Robin?

To set up a new Round Robin, open Rules and the Object you’re creating the rule for (Lead, Account, or Contact)

  1. Start by creating a new rule, select the Create New button.
  2. Select the conditions that the object should meet to be updated by this rule, then select Save & Continue.
  3. Set the Assignee type from the select assignee dropdown to Round Robin, and using the search bar, select New Round Robin. Enter an appropriate name for your new Round Robin, fill out the rest of the rule fields as needed and Save. 
  4. Under the Assignment Field, the lead owner for the new rule should be the newly created Round Robin. Select the Round Robin to expand details. Here you can add members to the Round Robin, allot credits, and add limits. 

How do I add users to a Round Robin?

  1. From the rules page, select the Round Robin you want to add a user to from under Assignment Field. 
  2. Select Add Member
  3. Use the search bar to select the user you want to add and allot them the desired amount of credits (the amount of assignments they will get on their “turn”)
  4. Optional: Select Add Limits if you want to limit the number of assignments a member of the Round Robin can receive
  5. Select Save to update the Round Robin
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