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Business Hours

Business Hours allows you to create different work shifts, like 9-5, and subscribe users to these shifts. Once assigned to a shift, users will only receive assignments during these hours.

How to set up Business Hours

To set up Business Hours, open the feature by selecting Users > Business Hours

  1. Select a name for your business hours
  2. Select the correct time zone for your business hours
  3. Input the start and end times for each day of the week, this might look like 9-5 every week day, or 12-5 on weekends.
  4. Select the Active check box and select Create

Once you’ve set up your business hours, you can assign the shifts to users.

  1. In the Assign Business Hours dialog box, select the user you wish to assign to a shift using the search bar
  2. Under Available, select the shift you would like to assign to the user
  3. Move it to Selected by hitting the arrow
  4. Save to assign business hours

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