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Updating Activities with Lead, Account, or Contact Info

You may want to enrich Task and Event records with data from the related Lead, Account, or Contact to enable automation or reporting that uses information from the related record. Updating the Activity record allows you to perform actions that would otherwise pose a challenge due to Salesforce limitations on traversing the relationship from the Activity to the parent object.

First, you need a field on the Activity which will hold the data from the Lead, Account, or Contact. To set up the Rollup, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Rollup link on the Lane Four Launcher
  2. Navigate to the Activity Mapping tab
  3. Click Create New
  4. Fill in either the Lead Field, Account Field, or Contact Field with the name of the field you want to pull the data from
  5. Fill in the Activity Field with the API Name of the field on the Activity that you want to update
  6. Click Save

Once this is set up, any new Activities created will inherit the value from their parent Lead, Account, or Contact in the field specified. You can then use this value on the Activity as needed.

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