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Sweep Rule


Account owners can be updated nightly based on customizable logic. For example, if an account has no activity for 90 days, the owner can be re-assigned, or assigned to a generic pool user. To configure this feature do the following:

Indicate the userID who the new account should be assigned to.

1. In the Lane Four tab, click on the gear in the top right corner

2. Head to the ‘Manage Round Robin Core Setting’ Section

3. In the ‘Account Owner’ field, enter the OwnerID of the user who should be assigned these accounts

Create Sweep Rule

The accounts to be re-assigned is determined by a checkbox field which returns a value of TRUE.

  • The field can look for criteria, such as: a specific score, last activity date, etc.
  • In the Manage Round Robin Core Setting update the setting “Account Owner Change Control Field” to indicate the API name of this new formula field.

Schedule Assignments

The final step is schedule a job. NOTE: Scheduling something around 12:00am will ensure this does not interfere with daily activities.

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