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Region Only Rules

What are Region Only Rules?

Region Only Rules allow you to create a separate set of rules under each object which will run in addition to your standard routing rules. By setting up region only rules, you can have your lead, account, and contact record updated by both the top applicable standard routing rule and the top applicable region only rule. Unlike standard routing rules, region only rules do not use your entry conditions to determine when they should run. Instead, region only rules run on creation of the record and every time the record is updated and one of the fields used in the region rule conditions is updated. The primary benefit of region only rules is when your assignment conditions are different from your territory breakdown and you want to update record fields for reporting purposes with a different set of rules than the ones you use for assignment purposes.

How do I set up Region Only Rules?

To set up Region Only Rules, open the feature by selecting Routing > Rules and selecting Lead, Contact, or Account

1. Start by creating a new contact rule, select the Create New button.

2. Define your rule conditions and check off the Region Only checkbox, then save the rule. Your rule will appear in a separate list below your standard routing rules. 

3. Select Edit Field Updates from the drop down menu to the right of the new rule. Here you define which fields you want to update, and what values to update them with.

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