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Region Automation

Region automation lets you determine record classification based on country, state, industry, and more.  Once records are classified you can perform field updates to indicate the region of a record and us the region in the routing process. You can also assign record owners directly from the region automation feature.

The classification is based the combination of values, where more exact region matches are prioritized. The exact region prioritization is the following:

Postal Code AND Employee Range AND Revenue Range
Country AND State AND Industry AND Employee Range AND Revenue Range
Country AND State AND Employee Range AND Revenue Range
Postal Code AND Employee Range
Postal Code AND Revenue Range
Country AND State AND City AND Employee Range
Country AND State AND Employee Range
Country AND State AND Industry
Area Code AND Industry
Postal Code
Area Code
Country AND State AND City
Country AND State
Country AND Industry
Country AND Employee Range
Employee Range

Managing Regions:

Launch Region Automation From the Lane Four Launcher. To Create new Regions, click Create New and check off the objects this affects: Lead, Contact, or Account or Default (this can serve as a catch-all rule). Objects can be edited at any time by expanding the dropdown arrows on the right and selecting edit.

Once each region automation is created, click into each and create details which will define the criteria for that region.

Determining and editing the user that should be assigned to this region can be done from the main region page. Expand the Actions dropdown in line with the region record and click Edit Owner. This displays a list of users or begin typing a name in the search bar.

Adding Individual Region Automation Details

Region Automation Details let you set the combinations of Codes, Min/Max Revenue or Employees, and Industry that characterizes this region. Once in the Region Automation, click Create New and specify Country and State details – ensure Industry is blank. Leave all other fields as N/A unless you need to specify certain values.

Click Create New and enter these details along with a rank number to order it.


Field Value Updates

Once your details are added, we need to determine the action that takes place once that region is found. Click on Region Automation Field Values beside the Region Automation Detail Tab. Here you can determine which value will be populated into any selected field on the Lead, Account or Contact when this region is identified.

For example: Our region details are countries such as United States and Canada, and we want to update a field on the lead called Global Region with the Value North America:

Region Updates

  1. Click Region Automation field Values and Create New:
  2. Lead field: Global Region
  3. Lead Value: North America
  4. Select “For Lead”
  5. Save

Adding Mass Region Automation Details


If you have a long list of regions to add, these can be loaded into the Region Automation object using Workbench or Data Loader. Ensure your spreadsheet has the following columns:

Name: This is the group all your region details will live under and should be descriptive. Example: North America if your region details are determined by a list of countries that are found within that region. Or if your regions are based on States, call it something like USA – East.

For Lead: If this will be used for regions on the lead object, type TRUE. If not, leave blank

For Account: If this will be used for regions on the account object, type TRUE. If not, leave blank

For Contact:  If this will be used for regions on the contact object, type TRUE. If not, leave blank

When loading in Data Loader, select object LFBN__Region_Automation__c

For the next step, open the success file from the Region Automation data load. Alternatively export Region Automations from Data Loader with the ID field.

Region details:

Once the regions are loaded, you can import region detail values, and relate them to the region records created above.

Enable Region Mapping for Objects

Once your region rules are set up, we need to activate them via the Lane Four Custom Setting.

Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Core Setting > Manage. Click into the Default setting and check off “Enable Sales Region Mapping… ” for each object that should be affected by the Region rules.

New Accounts that match the regional automation details will automatically be assigned to the owner as defined on the field update setting. Note the assignment process on Leads could take up to 2 minutes.

Existing records will need to be assigned via a batch job.

Expand the Lane Four settings (via the gear icon on the Lane Four Launcher)


Tip: Each region should be the most granular level of definition your business requires, as each record will only match one region. For example, if you segment your accounts by company type and state, you would want to create regions such as: Enterprise NY, Small Business NY, Enterprise CA, Small Business CA, etc.

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