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Prioritization Rules

When multiple accounts are matched the account that will populate the matched account field is determined by Prioritization rules

Prioritization rules can be launched from the Lane Four tab.

1. From the Duplicate Record Weighting tab, create a new prioritization rule.

2. Enter the lead field and which account field it will be compared against.

Note: you can also select an account field and indicate a defined value to be prioritized. For example target account can be prioritized over all others. You can also prioritize based on an account field being not-null. 


When finished you will see all prioritization rules listed. Rules can be edited by expanding the arrow under the actions column.

Matched Account

You will see the results in the match record view, where the matched account with the highest score will be chosen for the matched account field on the lead record.

Match view
Matched View on the Lead Record

3. Minimum Score

Lane Four allows you to enforce a minimum match score to ensure only high quality matches result in the matched account field being populated. In the prioritization tab, select the global configuration setting:

Enter the desired minimum match score, you can also include a tie breaker rule which selects the oldest vs. the newest matched account when the scores are the same.

Related Lead Prioritization

Launch Match View from the Lane Four Launcher. The “Master Lead” checkbox will indicate the duplicate rule is a related lead grouping rule.

Under the tab “Best Matched Lead Weighing”, determine scores that should be attributed to records that meet the criteria.

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