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Matched Account Field on Lead Pages

How to add the Matched Account field on Lead Pages

  1. Open Setup and use the quick find search bar to select Object Manager
  2. Select Lead and on the left hand sidebar select Page Layouts
  3. Select your layout(s) and under the Layout Menu, select Field and drag Matched Accounts down to the Lead Information section
  4. Save to update the change



Match View Component

How to place Match View Component on Lead, Account, and Contact pages

  1. Open up the object page you want to add the Match View Component to
  2. Select Setup > Edit Page
  3. In the left hand Components sidebar, scroll down to Custom
  4. Select and drag MatchViewContainer onto your dashboard
  5. Select Save then Activation, you will be prompted to set this as your default, select yes
  6. Repeat with all other objects 

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