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Related Leads Rules

How do I create a Related Leads Rule?

To create Related Lead Rules, open the feature by selecting Matching > Matching Rules in the left hand sidebar. 

1. Select “Go to Salesforce Duplicate Rules” to access your Salesforce duplicate rules.

2. To create a duplicate rule, you must have a matching rule to tell the system which fields on your records you will like to compare. Select “Matching Rules” located under Duplicate Management from the left Setup sidebar. 

3. Select “New Rule”.

4. Select the object that the rule will look at. For related leads you will want to choose “Lead”. Give your rule a name that will make it easy for you to find later such as Lead Domain Match. 

4. Select Lead Domain from the field dropdown and keep the matching method to exact, and select save

6. Activate your new matching rule so that it can be used in a duplicate rule by selecting “Activate”.

Now that you have your matching rule, you can create the related lead duplicate rule. 

1. Select “Duplicate Rules” located under Duplicate Management from the left Setup sidebar. 

2. Under New Rule, select Lead from the object dropdown. Give your rule a name that will help you reference it later such as Related Leads. 

3. You may choose to bypass sharing rules

4. Select allow both action on create and edit and report options only, deselect alert.

5. Under Matching Rules, select the matching rule that you just created. Your mapping should automatically be created. 

6. Add a filter condition, select Lead: Free Mail Domain from the field dropdown, Equals from the operator dropdown, and set the value as False. Select save.

7. Activate your related lead rule by selecting “Activate”.

Within the Lane Four app you can mark the related lead rule with a checkbox under the newly created rule. Select “Related Leads” from the rule type dropdown. This indicates which section these results should appear in, in the Lane Four Match View component on your lead and account records. 

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