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Managing Users

In this section, you can view users’ leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities ownership, membership in Round Robins, and Region ownership; all of which can be looked up by user, profile or role and is easily editable as needed. Quickly re-assign records and/or regions, or add/remove users from Round Robins from one place!

Step 1

From the Lane Four launcher, click on the Users icon.

Step 2

Select how you’d like to filter your users: by user, by Profile or by Role.

For example, filtering by Profile. Click on Profile, then select which profile types to filter by.

*By default, Active profiles are selected but you can select Inactive if desired.

Step 3

Once your selection is made, the screen will then show a table of users matching your filter with the columns:

  • Leads Owned
  • Accounts Owned
  • Contacts Owned
  • Opportunities Owned
  • Round Robins
  • Regions Owned

From the display table, you can click on any hyperlinked number below a column to view the records assigned to the individual user and make updates are desired.

By selection the hyperlinked number under each category for a user, you can now reassign leads, accounts, contacts and/or opportunities to another user in the organization or an existing Round Robin for re-assignment.

Round Robins
Clicking on the hyperlinked number under the Round Robins column, you can view the ones the selected user participates in, remove the user, and/or add the user to another existing Round Robin.

Similarly, clicking the Regions Owned hyperlinked number, you can view and edit the regions the user has been assigned to.

Above the table, you can toggle between Active and Inactive users. This option allows you to reassign records from an Inactive user to Active, and remove them from Round Robins and Regions.

User Leave(s)
If a user will be unavailable for a specific date span, you can set the date range in the appropriate profile to automatically remove them from existing Round Robins during the specified time.

Step 1

From the users list table view, click the name of the user in which a date range must be entered.

The line item will expand to show the Leaves section.

*By default you are shown Upcoming Leaves, but click on Previous Leaves to view past unavailable ranges.

Step 2

To add a date range for the selected user, click Add Leave. A pop-up will appear with the ability to enter a start and end date.

*Use the calendar buttons to select dates.

Step 3

Once you click Add, a date range will be saved in red.

During the entered date range, the user will automatically be removed from any Round Robins. If all users participating in a Round Robin are out at the same time, records will remain unassigned. In the case that only one is found unavailable, the next available user in line will be assigned the record.

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