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Lead Fields in Match Section

Duplicate Rules Processed – This process is executed when a lead is created and a batch of duplicate rules is processed. This field must be unchecked when the lead is created. It takes between 30 seconds to a minute for this batch to complete and for this field to check.

Duplicate Rules Processed is used as a filtering field in a lot of places and as a trigger for other processes. When true, this indicates that the whole process is now finished and it’s safe to assign a lead.  If false, processes like assigning records will not happen.

Matched Account – Displays the best matched account for a lead, which is determined by the prioritization rules.

Skip Matched Account Process – When checked, this allows you to override the matched account process, so whatever account has been chosen by the user is then used.

Clean Company Name – Displays the company name stripped of any prefixes or suffixes. For example, a company named ACME Inc. will have a Clean Company Name of ACME. When this field is updated, Duplicate Rules are triggered within the system.

Lead Domain – Isolates the domain from the lead e-mail address.

Both the Clean Company Name and Lead Domain fields are controlled by accessing the System Utilities page (click the gear icon from the Lane Four Launcher) and running the Dupe Field Update Batch. This will populate those fields on all leads.

Free Mail Domain – Checks the Lead Domain field against a database of over 200 free email domains and determines it it’s a free e-mail domain such as or This field can be used to filter out free email domains in processes such as domain matching.

Lead Website Domain – Strips away the protocol from a URL (such as http, https, www, etcetera) to show just the website domain.

Lead Fields in Assignment Section

Round Robin – If this field has a value, the lead is assigned via the indicated round robin. This is useful for reporting and making sure the right round robin is assigned.

Round Robin Assignment – Links to the individual user that was assigned to this lead. If the lead owner is changed, we know the original user that was assigned to this lead.

Standard Salesforce activity tracking may be turned on for this field and the Assigned On field to show changes in Round Robins.   

Assigned On – Records the date that the round robin user was assigned to this lead.

Assign Lead – Once this box gets checked, the active assignment rule is then applied and the lead will go through those assignment rules.

Lane Four Auto Convert Filter – This is a formula field; when checked, it allows the lead to be auto-converted. The formula logic is customized to your organization’s specifications.

Lead Auto Conversion Process

When a lead is created, several things are verified:

  • Is the Duplicate Rules Processed field on the lead checked?
  • Is the Matched Account field on the lead populated?
  • Is the Continuous Conversion box on the Auto Convert Lead Settings checked?
  • Is the Convert Lead Status Criteria specified as “Lane Four Auto Convert Filter” in the Auto Convert Lead Settings?

Leads that meet all criteria will be auto-converted. (Note that, if Continuous Conversion is checked and there is no setting specified for Convert Lead Status Criteria, all leads with a Matched Account and Duplicate Rules Processed will be auto converted.)

Auto Convert Lead – While the Lane Four Auto Convert Filter is a formula field, the Auto Convert Lead field is updated by a workflow rule, process or flow. When this field is checked, the lead will enter the lead auto-conversion process (see above), even if there are no Convert Lead Status Criteria in the Auto Convert Lead Settings.

Lane Four Auto Merge – This field is unchecked by default. If the application has been configured to perform any auto-merging functions (leads to leads, leads to contacts or contacts to contacts), this field must be checked.

Master Lead and Is Master Lead – Whenever duplicate leads are identified, Lane Four will determine which one is the Master Lead. First, a score is assigned to the leads, based on a custom setting. The score determines which lead is the best and checks the Is Master Lead checkbox on that best lead. The remaining leads will have the Master Lead lookup populated with the best lead.

Lane Four Trigger Related Lead Assign – Checking this box results in the lead being assigned to the owner of its Master Lead.

Lane Four Lead Segment and Lane Four Lead Sub-Segment – These fields are mapped to the Region and Sub-Region fields, respectively. This is used to help determine which Round Robin to use.

Auto Create Account – If this field is checked and the Account Auto-Creation function is enabled, an account will be automatically created. Account Auto-Creation is disabled by default. To enable Account-Auto Creation, open the Account Creation from the Lane Four Launcher and, in the No-Matched Account Creation Setting tab, check the Active box.

Auto-Create Account Process

This process is triggered when a lead is created or updated and the Duplicate Rules Processed box is checked. The process will then check if the lead field Auto Create Account is checked and the Active box on the Account Creation page is also checked. If these criteria are met, a new account will be created for the lead.

When an account is automatically created, it is populated based on the mappings in the Mapping Setting tab. These settings allow you to adjust the mapping between Lead fields and Account fields, set an exact value for Account Fields (i.e. Account Type = “Prospect”), or indicate that the account was created from a converted lead.

Round Robin Process Detail – This field is disabled by default. If enabled, it will display a summary log of all the Lane Four functions that were completed. To enable this feature, go to Setup > Custom Settings > Lead Round Robin Assignment Settings > Manage> Assignment > and check Enable Logs.


Assign Contact – Initiates the contact round robin. This field can also assign the contact to an account (optional). It uses the Lane Four Assignment Filter field to determine who the contact owner should be.

Assigned On – Indicates the date and time of the Lane Four assignment.

Duplicate Rules Processed – Indicates that the duplicate management process is complete. This field is similar to the Duplicate Rules Processed  field on the Lead object, which, when checked, indicates that the whole process is finished and it’s safe to assign a lead.

Is New Owner User – This field indicates that the contact has been assigned to a new user. If configured, the user who is now the contact owner may receive a notification email.

Round Robin – Indicates the round robin that this contact is assigned to and that will be used for assignment.

Round Robin Assignment –  A lookup field that indicates and links to the specific round robin user that this contact was assigned to.

Lane Four Auto Merge – This field is unchecked by default. Contacts can only be merged with other contacts or leads if this field is checked.


Account Cleaned Name – This field displays the account name stripped of standard prefixes and suffixes. This is used in the duplicate management process.

Account Domain – The domain of the account’s website.

Assign Contacts to Owner Round Robin – If checked, this field will invoke the contact assignment process for all contacts on the account. If configured, this field will also assign the account.

Assignment Date – Populated with the date the contact was assigned. This field is maintained by other automation to ensure the right SDR keeps the contacts that they’re assigned.

Contact Owner – Indicates the user that the account’s contacts should be owned by. Changing the value of this field will result in all the account’s contacts to be reassigned to the specified user. This field can be configured to be populated with the Account Owner, or with a custom field, such as SDR. It can also be populated by system logic. If it’s blank, for example, and a contact on the account is assigned, it can be populated with the contact’s new owner.

Assign Account – When checked, this box initiates the Account Assignment Process.

Lane Four Account Assignment Filter This formula field determines the type of assignment to use when the account is matched to a lead or contact. For example, if you want to assign leads based on a round robin, this field would return the round robin region. Or if you want to assign leads to an SDR on the account, this field would return the SDR’s user ID.

Lane Four Segment and Lane Four Sub-Segment – These fields are mapped to the Region and Sub-Region fields, respectively, which help determine which Round Robin to use.

Lane Four Visual Flow Region This field allows you to manually specify the segment to be used when assigning the account (there’s no formula populating it).

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