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Auto Merge

When a lead or contact is created, this lead or contact can be auto merged with another record through the following configuration

1. Create a matching rule and duplicate rule which identifies duplicate leads and or contacts

2. Navigate to Matched Record View Icon on the Lane Four tab

3. Check the duplicate rule you want to initiate an auto merge.

  • Check Include in Auto Merge for Leads to merge leads with other leads
  • Check Include in Auto Merge for Contacts to merge contacts with other Contacts
  • When both options are checked, the lead will also merge with a related contact

Matching Rule

4. Once done, any lead or contact that’s newly created and meets the condition of this duplicate rule will be auto merged approximately 60 seconds after creation.

Note, if the rule you create will match leads with duplicate contacts, you will need to indicate a Lead Contact Conversion status. This status will be applied to the lead when performing the merge between the lead and contact.

contact value

Launch Match View from the Lane Four launcher and navigate to Auto-Merge Mapping. This tab allows you to map fields from the child lead/contact into the master lead/contact. For example, you can map the lead source field from the duplicate lead into “Lead Source Most Recent” on the master lead.

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