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Shotgun Alerts

What is Shotgun Alert?

Shotgun Alerts are an assignment model where eligible reps see a pop-up with new available leads and are able to self-assign them. This model supports decreasing lead response times by giving a rep the opportunity to respond to a new lead as soon as it is available.

How do I set up Shotgun Alerts?

You will need to configure a Round Robin for each group of reps that should be eligible for new leads, and create a process which will put those leads into a connected queue.

  1. Create a queue in salesforce that your new leads will be assigned to when they are available for a rep to pick up. You do not need to add queue members here.

  2. Create a round robin in Lane Four.
    • From the left navigation menu, go to Users → Round Robin.
    • Click New Round Robin, choose a name, and check off Leads as the object this will be for.
    • Save the round robin.

  3. Add members to the round robin.
    • Click on the new round robin’s name to go into its members page.
    • Click Add Members to select the reps which should be eligible to pick up these leads.
    • You can change the number of credits to 1 for each rep that should be a part of this round robin. Other credit values are only relevant if this round robin will be used for automatic assignment where some reps should receive more leads than others.

  4. Connect your queue to the round robin.
    • Click Back to get to the main round robin screen
    • Click Connect Queue to Round Robin.
    • From the Groups dropdown, select the queue you will use, from the round robin dropdown, select the desired one, and check off “Is Call Pop”
    • Click Save

  5. Activate the Shotgun Alert utility.
    • Go to Salesforce Setup, and search for App Manager in the quick find.
    • Find the Lightning Sales app  in the list and click Edit.
    • From the left options, select Utility Items, and click Add Utility Item.
    • Under Custom, select Available Leads.
    • Click start automatically and save.

  6. Set up a process that will assign leads to the queue. You can set this up in Lane Four routing rules by creating a lead rule where the assignment outcome is the new queue. Read more about how to set up routing rules for step by step instructions. Any leads assigned to the queue will pop-up for all reps in the round robin. Reps can mark themselves online and offline to determine whether they see new lead alerts.
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