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Round Robin for Custom Objects

Set up a Round Robin when you want to evenly distribute assignments of a custom object between multiple users. The record will be assigned to the next available user in the Round Robin based on the last assigned time and the number of assignment credits each member of the Round Robin has.

Create Round Robins

  1. In Lane Four, navigate to Users > Round Robin
  2. Click New Round Robin
  3. Enter a name for the round robin
  4. Choose Custom Object and enter the API Name of the object you want to assign
  5. When a user is assigned through the round robin, you can choose to update a field other than the record owner by checking Overwrite Assignment Field and typing in the preferred field’s API name
  6. Check off Use as Default if you plan to create multiple round robins for this object and want any records that don’t meet the conditions for any other round robin to use this one.

Add or Edit Members of the Round Robins

  1. Click on the name of the round robin you created and click Add Member to add users who are eligible to receive assignments through this round robin
  2. Search or scroll to find the users you want to add, and increase their credit above 0 to make them an active member of this round robin
  3. Click Save when you are done adding members
  4. Under Actions, click Deactivate or Activate to change the active status of the user in the Round Robin
  5. Under Actions, click Edit to change the credits of the user in the Round Robin.

Set Up a Trigger for the Custom Object Records to go Through the Round Robin

If you want to have records assigned through a Round Robin for objects other than Lead, Contact, or Account, use Salesforce Process Builder or Flow to indicate which records should go into the Round Robin and when. Below are the steps to set it up in Process Builder.

Create new Process Builder

  1. From Setup, go to the Process Builder, and click “New”
  2. Choose a meaningful name and description, for example call it “Round Robin MyCustomObject”
  3. For “The process starts when”, choose a record changes if you want the process to trigger from an object being created or edited

Choose the object you want to assign with the Round Robin

  1. Click + Add Object, and use the Object field to find your Custom Object
  2. For “Start the process”, choose when a record is created or edited so that your process can run even if the record does not meet the criteria you need when it’s first created
  3. Click Save

Define Criteria that would be a minimum requirement for you to want to assign a record through the round robin.

  1. Click Add Criteria and give it a descriptive name
  2. Choose Conditions are met or Formula evaluates to true to define the criteria your records will be checked against to decide whether they should go through the Round Robin

For example you may want to set a condition of the record being tied to an account, or country not being blank to prevent the assignment of records in your object which should not be assigned, or which don’t have the information needed to perform the assignment. To do this, select Conditions are met, find the field you want to ensure isn’t blank, set operator to “is null”, type to “boolean”, and value to “False”. This will mean that the chosen field must not be null (blank) on the record, for it to go through the Round Robin,

  1. Expand the Advanced section and check off “Yes” for “Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record?” This ensures that your round robin does not reassign when irrelevant changes happen on the record

Set Round Robin as the action which takes place if the criteria is true. 

  1. Click Add Action, choose Apex as the Action Type, and give it a meaningful name, such as “Round Robin”
  2. For Apex Class, select Round Robin

Map the fields which will be used to determine which records go through the Round Robin

Turn on your process by clicking the Activate button on the top right.

  1. Under Set Apex Variables, click Add Row, choose Record ID from the Field drop down list, from the Type list choose Field Reference, and under Value find your Object’s Record ID. This sends the records which meet your round robin criteria to the Lane Four Round Robin.
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