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Related Lead Matching

Setting up a Related Lead Duplicate Rule 

The first step in identifying related leads includes utilizing Lane Four’s duplicate rule “Lead to Related Leads”. This rule can be found under Setup → Duplicate Rules as a Lead object rule. The rule uses a corresponding matching rule to identify related leads.

Before creating/editing your Duplicate Rules, go to Setup → Matching Rules and create a new Lead rule using the field in which you want to use to identify a related lead match, for example, lead email, domain, company, etc.

Once it is activated, in your duplicate rule, select the matching rule, save and activate.


Adding to Lane Four Component

From the Lane Four launcher, go to Matched Record View.

Find your newly created Duplicate Rule, select Related Leads under Group and check off Master Lead Group.

These settings will ensure we use the select Duplicate Rule to identify related leads, group them, and display in the Lane Four component within a record.

Related Fields

Once this is set up, Lane Four will also populate Master Lead fields once Related leads begin to appear. The first record entered will be considered the Master Lead and have the Lane Four Is Master Lead custom field checked true.

(This custom field can be made visible on the page layout or can be found from the Lane Four component by clicking “Audit Report” then “Lane Four Fields”)

Once a lead is inserted that matches the Master according to the Duplicate Rule, the Lane Four Master Lead field will then populate with the name of the Master lead.

Related Lead Assignment

Assigning Related Leads to the owner of the Master Lead can be done by adding a step in your Process Builder or Flow to trigger “Lane Four Related Lead Assignment.”

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