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Contact Assignment

When a contact is created/updated:

  1. No assignment is automatically performed

  2. You need a process builder/flow to check off Assign Contact, if you want the assignment to occur
    • That process builder will define the conditions in which you want to initiate a contact assignment.
    • Note that we will automatically initiate contact assignment (so your process builder does not need to cover) if you have defined an account field in the Core Setting function CONTACT OWNER, and there is a change on that field. This is described below.

When the Assign Contact checkbox is checked:

  1. We check if there is a field defined in ASSIGNMENT CONTROLLING FIELD (in Core Settings). If there is, this is a formula field that resolves to either:
    • TRUE = we proceed with the assignment, or
    • FALSE = we do not proceed with the assignment
    • Note that in the formula you can specify that if Assign Contact is checked, this eligibility field should¬† = TRUE, so that anytime Assign Contact is checked, we proceed with the assignment

  2. We look at the ACCOUNT ROUND ROBIN TYPE FIELD (mapped in Core Settings)
    • This will be a formula field with the logic about how to assign the contact. (note: also used when a lead is assigned using account based logic). If the formula resolves to:
      • a field on the account, i.e. OwnerID, we will assign to the user in that field
      • a user’s ID (hardcoded), i.e. 005123456789123, we will assign to that user
      • the word ‘region’, we will perform a round robin
      • the word ‘owner’, we will perform an Account Owner/Team round robin

  3. If the contact owner is changed as a result of the above and you have defined an account field in CONTACT OWNER (in Core Settings), we will update that field on the account to the same user that the contact was assigned to.
    • The change on the CONTACT OWNER (in Core Settings) mapped field will trigger the next scenario to happen.

When the value in the mapped field CONTACT OWNER (in Core Settings) is changed on the Account:

  1. We initiate assignment on all the contacts under the account.

  2. This uses the same logic as described in the scenario where you check off Assign Contact (check ASSIGNMENT CONTROLLING FIELD for assignment eligibility, check ACCOUNT ROUND ROBIN TYPE FIELD for assignment outcome)

  3. Note that in this case though, the Assign Contact checkbox is not checked, so the eligibility logic in the field mapped in ASSIGNMENT CONTROLLING FIELD may have a different outcome than in the scenario where Assign Contact is checked off, if you use the Assign Contact field in your ASSIGNMENT CONTROLLING FIELD formula)
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