Match Emails (even personal) to Companies in Salesforce

Match leads to accounts in Salesforce so you can take action and close deals faster.  

Say goodbye to manual data entry in Salesforce đź‘‹

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Level up your account-based sales with lead to account matching

round robin rules

No more manual research and data entry in Salesforce

Automatically match every lead to the right company accounts, even when they use a personal email address like @gmail.com.

Give sales reps the context they need to close deals fast

Real-time data cleaning that can deduplicate, match, qualify, and convert leads for you.

  • Deduplicate and match leads to the right accounts
  • View related leads at a glance
  • Lead to contact auto-conversion
  • Lead to oppportunity matching 
  • Plus more…

Finally have Salesforce working your way

Build your own custom lead to account matching rules or use our templates. Prioritize matching based on your preferences (lead score, location, account type, status, and more).

Close deals faster with automated lead routing

Assign Salesforce leads, accounts, and opportunities to the right reps using custom rules and advanced round robins that work with your existing sales process.

Never miss another opportunity

Stop leads from slipping through the cracks with notifications and SLA tracking.

Alert reps through email, Salesforce Tasks, and Slack. SLAs track speed to lead, keep reps motivated, and help managers measure performance.


Speak with a Certified Salesforce Expert to see how lead to account matching would help your team


Lane Four Highroad is a must for any SaaS-based business that is driving inbound demand.
Navin Persaud
Head of Revenue Operations, 1Password
mike hooker
Lane Four Highroad automatically matches all of our incoming leads to current accounts and has allowed us to scale lead assignments painlessly.
Mike Hooker
Salesforce Administrator, BizLibrary

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