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Service-Oriented Integrations

When dealing with a critical Salesforce integration, many people rely directly on the Salesforce API. But this can create a weeks-long project for your developers and cause your databases to become tightly coupled, among other issues.

Lane Four takes a custom web service approach to integrations. Instead of relying on your developers to hard-code Salesforce logic into your product, we write and host a service inside Salesforce that sits on top of the Salesforce API.

This simple process saves time and allows you to deliver data as-is from your commercial application to a dedicated end point within Salesforce.

Whether you’re working with provisioning, customer usage information, or another integration, our approach will keep your business logic in Salesforce (where it belongs!) and allow you to manage product platform data without relying on your developers.

For a detailed summary of our custom web service approach, check out this blog post.

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