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Ownership Lifecycle Management

Staff changes and turnover are inevitable—which puts pressure on the assignment function. But your well-oiled assignment plan should easily adapt to the reality of high sales turnover, staff promotions, team realignment, and more.

Most of our clients leverage Lane Four’s out-of-the-box tools in managing their ownership lifecycle. We can also work with you to manage the following kinds of assignment changes in Salesforce:

  • Account executives or SDRs leave the company
    Salesforce system admins are very quick to disable users and to prevent system instability. Accounts are often assigned to system admins temporarily creating unassigned or house accounts that must be managed when leads match this account. These inactive users will also be in round robins, account team assignments, and own leads, accounts and contacts. These records will need to quickly be assigned to the right user who will continue to work these people and accounts.
  • SDRs move into a different role
    Most sales organizations use the SDR function as an entry-level position hoping they will move up in the organization. When this happens, you will need to update round robins, account team assignments, and reassign their leads, accounts and contacts.
  • SDR to Account Executive teams change
    As your sales organization grows, so do the number of SDR teams, causing periodic re-alignment of account teams. Once an SDR is moved into another team, if you use an AE to SDR team-based assignment, you will need to re-align the contacts owned by these SDRs to fit the updated team assignment model.
  • A contact becomes an MQL at an unassigned account
    This is the most significant issue for lead follow-up time. If a contact or a lead which matches an account becomes qualified, you need to ensure the lead or contact is assigned quickly without allowing inactive owners or accounts assigned to system administrators slow follow-up time.
  • Accounts are reassigned to a different user. Sales managers and sales operations regularly re-align accounts based on segmentation models and day-to-day needs. The reassignment of these accounts means that contacts and leads will likely need to be updated to a different SDR.

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