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Go-to-Market Framework

As the engine of your sales and marketing tech stack, Salesforce should function as your source of truthaccommodating inbound, outbound, and account-based strategies.

We’ve helped countless startups build end-to-end, go-to-market data frameworks that minimize dirty data, automate manual processes, and seamlessly integrate the tech stack.

Set Up Salesforce for Your Startup

with Our Comprehensive Blueprint

Whether you’re just kicking off with Salesforce CRM or laying the foundation for major growth, leverage our insights from working with numerous startups to plan your end-to-end operational processes in Salesforce.

We’ll guide you through a comprehensive analysis of your sales and marketing data funnel, highlighting opportunities for efficiency in a startup context and through an account-based lens.

The blueprint covers everything from inquiry to closed deal, and considers target accounts attribution, ownership, sales compensation, opportunity qualification and more at every step.

Give Your Tech Stack a Tune Up

with Salesforce at the Center

The health of your tech stack directly impacts your ability to generate revenue at scale. Whether you’re tracking marketing attribution, assigning incoming leads, configuring complex quotes, or generating critical reports, you need your tools to work seamlessly with Salesforce.

With countless tech stack integrations under our belt, we provide comprehensive support to the Salesforce-based tech stack structure. Leverage our expertise to configure Salesforce integrations, get ad hoc setup support, troubleshoot technical issues, or get advice on setup best practices.

Below are a few of the core tools we regularly integrate with Salesforce.

Marketing Automation Software

   Lead Capture & Forms

Track and report on marketing activities and campaigns, and take action on incoming leads from Salesforce. Let us set up your integration and advise on best practices through an account-based lens.

Lane Four is an official Drift Partner.

Data Enrichment

Enrich account and contact data in Salesforce. As well as completing your integration setup, we’ll provide guidance on field mappings and standardization, taking into consideration your assignment model.

Matching & Routing

Match leads to accounts, route any object, configure round robins or territory-based assignment, and more with our account-based lead management suite.

Developed by our team of Salesforce experts, Lane Four 2.0 simplifies lead routing in an easy-to-use, Salesforce native interface.

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Sales Engagement

  Telephony Tools

Integrate core sales rep activities into your Salesforce workflow: create tasks, trigger status changes, produce accurate reports and more.

Lane Four is an official Implementation Partner with 80+ completed implementations.

Sales Insights

Access critical updates and data from your sales and revenue intelligence tools directly in Salesforce.


Easily view forecasting and business intelligence insights within your Salesforce workflow, and generate reports.

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