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Bridge Object

Lane Four enables the ability to report on important metrics between objects such as lead-account and lead-contact, all without exporting data from Salesforce. Reporting grants the power to have lead and contact data correlated, with new insights on pipeline development gained through information such as lead conversion, match, and assignment rates.

To get started, click on the Bridge Object Reporting icon from the Lane Four Launcher

To create a bridge for individual objects, click on the “Enable Auto Bridge Functionality” and see the buttons activated for each job. At the bottom of the page you can Run All jobs to create a bridge for all objects: Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity / ConvertedLead. The Delete all bridge records functionality will get rid of all bridge records created.

To only create bridge records for selected records, do the following:

  • Create a formula field on lead and/or contact
  • When this formula field returns TRUE, it will facilitate the creation of bridge records for these selected leads and contacts
  • Navigate to the Lane Four Core setting via the Lane Four gear icon and update the following fields with these override values

Note: Bridge records are only generated on the creation of leads and contacts, they are updated during the following scenarios:

  • When a lead is converted, the bridge record will track the newly created contact
  • When a lead or contact is deleted or merged, the related bridge record will be deleted
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