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Auto Convert a Lead into an Account

What is Auto Conversion?

Auto Conversion allows you to specify when you want Lane Four to automatically convert a lead into a contact or an existing account. If enabled, leads with matched accounts will be converted into that account. 

How do I set up Auto Conversion?

To set up Auto Conversion, open the feature by selecting  Routing > Rules > Lead > Auto Conversion 

1. Select whether you want:

  • All leads with matched accounts to be converted on creation; or
  • Define conditions to only convert the leads which meet your business criteria.  

2. Even when conditions are defined, only leads with the matched account field populated will be converted. You can define conditions using lead and matched account field data, and select the logic between multiple conditions. For conditions which use in list and not in list, multiple values separated by commas may be entered.

3. Select a converted lead status, your leads will be moved here after conversion.

4. Enable auto conversion with the toggle on the top right of the screen.

5. Optional: Select Always under “Would you like to create an opportunity?” to automatically create opportunities and/or contact roles after conversion.

Can I run a batch convert for existing leads?

Yes, a batch convert can be run for existing leads, you can access this feature under  Routing > Rules > Lead > Auto Conversion and scroll down to Batch Convert.

The batch convert function allows you to convert existing leads into their matched accounts. Settings selected above Batch Convert, like any conditions for a lead to be converted will apply here. You may choose to run the auto convert batch for a single account’s leads, or for all leads with matched accounts. 

Before the batch convert runs, you will see a preview of leads included and the account they will be converted into. You can monitor the status of your batch in Apex Jobs and a standard Salesforce notification will be sent to you once the job is completed. Remember that if you are updating a large number of leads, it is best practice to run this update outside of office hours to reduce the chance of delays while your team works.

Why are my leads not converting?

If leads are not automatically converting when you expect them to, try the following steps:

1. Do you have Auto Conversion enabled? If not, the toggle on the top right of the screen will be grey and display as “Auto Convert Disabled”. Select to toggle it on and it will switch to green and display as “Auto Conversion Enabled”.

2. Double check your conditions and the condition logic. Are you sure that this lead falls into the conditions? If not, you can modify the conditions to capture the scenario you want.

3. Is the matched account field populated on the lead? Make sure it’s the Lane Four matched account field if you have others. If the matched account field is blank, then there is no account to convert into. If you are unsure why there is not a matched account, you can compare your lead’s data to the account you think it should match and the Lane Four matching rule(s) you have enabled and/or your active Salesforce duplicate rules on leads matching to accounts. You can also configure Auto Account Creation so that leads with no matched account can be converted into the newly created accounts.

4. Are you sure that Lane Four is finished running all the relevant processes? You can check the Audit Report accessible from Lane Four Match View component placed on the lead page. Here, you can see a list of processes and their status: Pending, In Progress or Failed. If there were any errors in processing, an error message will appear, select “Retry” if you believe the error should be resolved.

Still not sure? Contact us and we will be happy to help. 

Help, a lead converted even though I didn’t want it to.

Once a lead has been converted, the process cannot be undone. Follow these steps to make sure only the leads you want will be converted:

1. Do you have conditions defined for auto conversion? If “All Leads on Creation” is selected, you can change this to “Define Conditions” and specify which leads should be converted. If you do have conditions defined, did your lead meet the conditions prior to conversion? You may need to modify the conditions to exclude a scenario that you do not want to convert.

2. Do you have Auto Conversion enabled? If it is enabled, indicated by the green toggle on the top right, any leads that meet the configuration will be converted. You can turn off auto conversion using the toggle.

3. Was the field “Auto Convert Lead” selected on the lead? The “Auto Convert Lead” field will initiate conversion bypassing the setup on the Auto Convert setup screen. This is used by customers who want to initiate conversion as part of a custom Salesforce process or flow, who are manually converting a lead but want to do it in one step and use Lane Four conversion (and after conversion) automation, or those who are updating lists of leads manually through data loads.

Still not sure? Contact us and we will be happy to help. 

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