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[Webinar] Dynamic Territory Management: How Matching & Routing Can Change Everything

Create long-term flexibility for managing your territories with matching & routing.

Managing territories is one of the toughest parts of being in an ops role, full stop.

Inflexibility within Salesforce can make it an uphill battle to effectively plan, make changes to, and take action based on sophisticated territory models – especially when you’re scaling your sales team fast. Ultimately, this translates to frustrated ops managers and unhappy reps.

In this workshop, SaaS Practice Managers Aidas and Andrew break down the surprising ways that matching and routing can remove major obstacles in territory management.

They’ll cover how you can…
– Drastically increase the flexibility of your territory model
– Proactively plan territories for growth all year long
– Action a 2-tiered sales process – with easy handoffs
– + more

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