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Lane Four 2.0 is Here

Powerful Routing, Simple Administration

We’re excited to announce the official re-launch of Lane Four’s account-based lead routing application for Salesforce! Featuring a brand new, user-friendly interface and a simplified setup process, Lane Four 2.0 delivers powerful routing with simple administration.

We Heard You.

Lane Four still runs on the same sophisticated matching and routing functionality that has helped high-growth startups boost their go-to-market strategies since we launched in 2017. But Lane Four 2.0 eliminates the concerns we heard repeatedly about ease-of-use and administration.

Because we heard numerous requests for a more intuitive experience, we revolutionized our approach. We built a new routing platform that is self-contained, and requires no code or process builders to configure.

Most importantly, major changes have transformed the on-boarding experience. While on-boarding was once a more hands-on process involving our team, Lane Four 2.0 is now self-implementable for traditional use cases, enabling customers to get from install to go-live in under an hour.

A Streamlined User Experience.

Lane Four 2.0 now functions within Salesforce as a purpose-built interface containing everything required to set up and manage routing. We’ve overhauled key screens to be more intuitive, flowing logically from one step to the next. For example, the page below functions as a rules wizard, leading users through the decision-making process to define routing rules for leads, accounts, contacts, and more.

Painless, 3-Step Setup.

Setup and administration have changed dramatically with the Lane Four 2.0 release. For the majority of users, Lane Four’s out-of-the-box functionality will contain everything they need for effective account-based matching and routing. When that’s the case, getting started with Lane Four is a simple three step process.

First, enable Lane Four’s out-of-the-box matching, then select auto-conversion settings, and finally, define routing rules. Within an hour, Lane Four will be sending the right leads to the right reps fast.

Take a Tour of Lane Four 2.0

Join Lane Four’s Founder, Andrew Sinclair, and Head of Product, Jenya Farris, for an exclusive look at Lane Four 2.0. We’ll reveal what’s new, what’s next, and how you can accelerate your account-based go-to-market strategies with Lane Four 2.0.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 2pm EST/11am PST.

Webinar registration is open now.

Can’t wait for August 11?

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