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[White Paper] Data Management for Account-Based Sales

In a new white paper, we explore how companies can best manage data for account-based sales.

Sales has come a long way in recent years. What was once an unstructured environment—with reps chasing a high volume of low-quality leads—is now driven by sophisticated account-based strategy.

In 2019, the sales funnel is highly developed. ICPs are well-defined, and outbound efforts are focused around high-value target accounts. Fortunately, this work is paying off. According to TOPO’s 2019 Account Based Benchmark Report, companies are seeing a 76% increase in ROI with account-based vs. traditional go-to-market approaches. Things are looking good.

To support the account-based model, a common outbound tech stack has emerged among SaaS companies. This combination of marketing automation, data enrichment, intent, routing, and sales engagement tools means we have more data than ever at our fingertips, and that we can automate many of our processes.

“Salesforce is a mess.”

The account-based model and the associated tech stack add complexity to Salesforce, leading many sales ops professionals to feel like their CRM is “a mess.” Despite the ease of getting data into the system, these companies are struggling to get a handle on what’s happening.

In our new white paper, we follow the complete data journey within Salesforce, from inbound lead to closed deal. We explore data management practices that consider the full account-based life cycle, and reveal how to use Salesforce more effectively for account-based sales.

Download the white paper here.

The text above is adapted from Lane Four’s white paper Data Management for Account-Based Sales: Optimizing the End-to-End Data Journey in Salesforce.

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