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Why Salesforce is Your Most Valuable ABM Tool

Salesforce and ABM are a natural fit. Not only was Salesforce built around the premise of account-based sales from day one—but it also already contains 90% of the functionality you need for seamless ABM.

Not to mention the fact that you’ve already invested immeasurable resources to make your CRM the core of your organization.

But all too often, ABM tools and vendors overlook the power of Salesforce’s core technology and how it fits into your processes. Understanding the power of Salesforce’s matching rules and flow designer will help you make smarter choices about which tools to add to your stack.

Salesforce’s Matching Rules

You probably know that lead-to-account matching has become a critical function for companies doing ABM. Especially when scaling your ABM program, you need the ability to accurately match leads to your target accounts quickly, efficiently, and with zero manual effort.

What you may not know is how powerful Salesforce’s native matching rules actually are.

Whether you’re doing simple lead to account matches or more complex matches using custom fields and fuzzy logic, Salesforce’s matching rules can handle it. As one of the platform’s most powerful features, Salesforce’s matching rules can make virtually any type of match you need.

Because this functionality is native, the customization you enjoy in your Salesforce CRM can extend directly to your ABM functions.

Flow Designer

It’s no secret that ABM adds complexity to your work flows.

There are more people and more teams involved, and data passes through more stages, statuses, and hands than ever before. So, you’re going to need a visual business process engineering tool that can handle these needs.

Luckily, Salesforce has put sizable resources into the visual routing engine that lies at the heart of their tool.

There are two core benefits to relying on the flow designer. Firstly, the Salesforce team continuously improves and updates the technology. Secondly, it is built to act with your Salesforce data. This means that it’s both fast and highly customizable.

Chances are, the lightning flow designer will be more powerful than any other flow tool you may integrate with Salesforce. And it’s infinitely more flexible than any purpose-built lead management tool.

Given its built-in power and its central role in your organization, don’t neglect Salesforce when you’re evaluating your marketing stack. And better yet, start thinking of it as your core ABM tool.

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