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[Free Resource] Get Salesforce ABM Ready E-Guide

If your organization is adopting ABM, you’ve probably read a lot about best practices and how to align marketing with sales.

But have you considered how your core CRM—Salesforce—will accommodate ABM in tandem with inbound marketing, demand generation, and account-based sales?

Our free Get Salesforce ABM Ready e-guide will teach you how to transform Salesforce into a well-oiled ABM machine. You’ll learn tips, tricks, and best practices for ABM success in a few key areas:

  • Data Changes for ABM – What needs to change with the Account, Lead, and Contact objects to make your ABM processes run smoothly?

  • Record Ownership and Hand-Offs – How does ABM change existing Salesforce ownership models, and how are companies addressing these challenges?

  • Measuring ABM – How can you leverage Salesforce to get the data and reports you need to track results?

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