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Comparison: Lane Four vs. LeanData

lane four vs leandataWhat are the differences between Lane Four and LeanData?

We’re regularly asked what makes Lane Four different than LeanData. The good news is LeanData has published a document outlining how they feel they’re different from us. It’s nice to be recognized as a true competitor.

Before getting into the specific features, we want to stress one major difference: Lane Four optimizes your investment in Salesforce. In other words, we don’t re-build what you already have.

Several years ago, we realized that organizations already have access to 90% of the features they need to perform sophisticated lead-to-account matching, routing and other key functions. The challenge for most Salesforce customers is understanding how to work with what they have already purchased.

We created the Lane Four AppExchange package to tie these features together, meaning heavyweight and non-Salesforce-native products like LeanData are not necessary.

Since LeanData has given us the template of how they compare to us, here’s how our features are 1:1 comparable with everything LeanData offers.

Check out the data sheet here

The Core Product

LeanData says we use matching rules. The problem with that is matching rules don’t exist. Lane Four uses native Salesforce match methods to give the most robust lead to account matching available. Lane Four will perform lead routing, account routing, contact routing, opportunity routing and several other ownership tasks. All for one simple license fee, and renewals that won’t skyrocket in cost. In addition our managed services team can make Salesforce do just about anything, just ask us.

Companies Using Lane Four

LeanData says we’re small, we like to say “boutique”. Lane Four’s total install base is nearing 50 organizations. We get our expertise through our work with over 100 high-growth startup organizations who have raised over $1B through venture capital and public offerings.

No product company can match our understanding of how high-growth revenue focused organizations run their operations.

Matching Capabilities

LeanData says we use matching and only use domain and company name. This couldn’t be further from the truth. matching was removed from Salesforce over a year ago!

Native Salesforce match methods support any field matches between leads and accounts. This means Lane Four will match accounts based on fuzzy name, domain, address, region, custom fields, etc. These features are backed by’s huge development team and are constantly being improved.

This allows Lane Four to match leads to accounts, contacts, opportunities, and other leads. In addition Lane Four can match contacts with other accounts, contacts and opportunities, all supported by native Salesforce match methods.

The matching is performed in real-time and is based on fully customizable and native Salesforce match methods which are based on any lead and account field.

Lane Four includes a fully customizable prioritization framework. this allows you to compare any field on a lead with fields on an account, define specific account attributes to bias, and indicate a minimum match score and tie-breaker rules. This is reflected as an easy to understand score, visible on the lead record.

Routing Capabilities

LeanData says that our “routing actions are like a bunch of settings”. We don’t really know what this means, but we know it’s false. Lane Four will route leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks, cases, and any custom object. Errors are logged and are easily visible from the lead, account or contact. All assignments are recorded on the lead, account or contact, and Lane Four pre-installs a set of audit and distribution reports, accessible through the Salesforce reporting engine.

Lane Four can route leads to any user lookup field on the account, the account team, opportunity information, task information, an owner’s SDR team, and more.

Lane Four can auto convert leads, auto create accounts, assign leads based on matched account information, assign based on region to named users or a round robin, sync contact owners, and round robin individual contacts.

Round robin membership is fully customizable. Users can be easily inactivated, and re-activated when back from vacation. The user and round robin interfaces allows this to be delegated to sales managers.

The Visual Routing Flow

Lane Four is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Salesforce Lightning Flow Designer. This allows you to create complex routing logic in an easy to use and visual interface. A Lane Four deployment has never required a single line of code.

Final Thoughts

The comparison sheet published by LeanData shows they lack basic Salesforce knowledge. Isn’t it time you get a core Salesforce function like lead routing from Salesforce experts?

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