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Introducing the Lane Four Visual Router

Visual Router

Do you want to manage your routing process in an intuitive and easy-to-use way? Now you can, using Lane Four’s new visual router.

Our visual router is configured through the Salesforce Flow Designer, a powerful tool that ensures that complex routing logic can easily be created, shared and updated. That means you can configure lead, contact and account routing all within one visual interface. There’s no need for complex triggers, formulas or rules, so you can add steps and make changes to your flow quickly and easily.


Lead Flow
Within the lead routing process, you can identify leads based on matched account information (1), and then assign them to an account team, account owner, SDR or other team member. You can then choose to auto-convert the lead to the account that’s been matched (6), based on criteria that you specify in the visual workflow.
You can also identify leads from the same company but for which there is no account in the system (2), and assign those leads based on related lead information (5). And, using the visual routing flow, you can easily decide to invoke the round robin rules that will allow you to assign the lead to the right owner (4).

Lastly, you  can invoke standard SFDC assignment rules as the final step in the process (3).


Contact FlowContacts can be routed at any point in time that they are considered to be qualified, or upon creation. Contacts can be assigned based on any piece of information on the account. They can also be added to a round robin.  Finally, you can assign all contacts within an account on the assignment of a single contact. Once that happens, it’s easy to maintain the ownership of contacts going forward, based on the account data.


Account Flow

At the account level, you can assign accounts to round robins, and then initiate the assignment of contacts while assigning the account. This ensures that contacts are always aligned to the territory and owner of the account.

Being 100% native to Salesforce is important and we’re proud of the multiple integrations we’ve done with the world’s #1 CRM tool. Lane Four’s matching model is built directly into the platform and based on Salesforce’s Duplicate Management, which allows for fuzzy name and domain matching between leads and accounts. We also integrate with OmniChannel and use Salesforce’s standard assignment rules. Now, we’re using the powerful Flow Designer in our interactive routing platform.

We are the only product that blends the best of Salesforce native functionality with complex routing use cases. With Lane Four, you can tap into the powerful Salesforce tools and features that are already available to you.

For a demo on how you can manage your routing process in an easy-to-use visual interface, contact us today.

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