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Big News! Lane Four Hits the Salesforce AppExchange

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Lane Four Launching Image

We have exciting news: Today, we’re announcing the general availability of the Lane Four application, which can now be installed from the Salesforce AppExchange!

We’ve worked in the Salesforce community for over 8 years, splitting time between heavy custom-development projects and working at the intersection of marketing automation and Salesforce. This has given us a unique perspective on how to enhance the integrations of various marketing automation systems, including tracking MQLs, assigning leads, and recycling leads, contacts and accounts.

When we first started implementing the Lane Four application with dozens of our clients, the idea of Account-Based Sales and Marketing wasn’t being used by anyone. We quickly realized that the majority of these automations were starting to be discussed at conferences and events focusing on ABM strategies.

The Lane Four application also showcases the power of the platform, because we’ve benefited from the several releases that have improved the power of our lead-to-account matching algorithm. Plus, the Lightning design system has improved page performance and scalability. This list of benefits goes on and on, and we’re looking forward to our partnership with Salesforce for years to come.

Check out the app today by requesting a demo or installing it directly:

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