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How to Solve Contact Assignment Problems in Salesforce

Marketing person stressed out on deskAccount-based marketing (ABM) is a growing trend for a reason: sales teams see that it works. And while it might not be a totally new idea, it is being given new life as more organizations embrace its ability to bring in larger accounts more strategically than other methods.

However, one of the challenges in using ABM with Salesforce is that you end up with frustrating lead assignment problems. Once you switch from a leads model to an account and contacts model, you lose the ability to use out-of-the-box Salesforce assignment rules.

This just goes to show that Salesforce, while a powerful tool, wasn’t built with ABM in mind. There is no simple way for marketers to assign a record when it becomes a contact, once they’ve made the switch to an account and contacts model – which is necessary to implement ABM successfully.

That’s a problem because if an action is taken by the lead after they’ve first become a contact – let’s say by downloading a piece of content – you’re not able to assign the contact to a sales rep to cover the new activity. This creates lost opportunities and delayed outreach.

Marketing teams often try to get around this by creating complex assignment structures in the marketing automation tool and developing other workarounds, but these are custom solutions that require additional work, are difficult to scale and maintain.

We solve this problem using the following method:

  • We set a contact owner field on the account. This is the individual who should handle the contacts on the account.
  • Every contact that is created will be assigned to this individual.
  • If you leave the field blank, LaneFour uses outbound, segment or default round robins to determine the appropriate owner from one of your reps.
  • Any other contacts on the account are then immediately assigned to this owner.
  • If additional contacts are created on the account, they’re also assigned to the owner.
  • The assignment date is saved, and we use automation to ensure that a rep will only keep the account if they’re actively logging activity and working the account.
  • The contact owner is so flexible, it can be set through our native round robin tools, or from the account team.

This is a scalable, ABM-friendly solution that makes it simple to assign and manage contacts within Salesforce. No more workarounds, no more missed opportunities. Your sales reps will have full visibility into the recent activity of a contact, and you can rest assured that nothing will slip through the cracks.

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