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Four Essential Routing Rules to Simplify Account Assignments

Image of Round Robin Automated account-based marketing tools like LaneFour are essential to simplifying the matching process of marketing automation leads and sales accounts. When used correctly, this can empower sales-marketing alignment by giving both teams visibility into how leads are being assigned, as well as improve communication within your sales team itself.

But too often leads are assigned randomly, without any real strategy or consideration of the best reps to service them. This leaves the job of de-duping and checking to the sales reps themselves, causing them to put off or outright ignore leads assigned to them. Or, leads are assigned manually, which wastes time and energy, resulting in reduced follow-up time and reduced conversion rates.

Instead of haphazardly assigning leads and missing out on significant opportunities, LaneFour makes it easy to automatically implement the following five routing rules to more accurately assign a lead to an account:

  • Account Field

In the situation where a lead matches an account, you will likely want to be able to assign the lead based on a given field within the account, such as account owner or a custom sales development rep (SDR) field. If you choose to use a custom field you have a high degree of control over how you’re assigning your leads based on the information recorded by SDRs.

  • Account Team

This method assigns an SDR to an account when one or more SDRs are working for a single account executive (AE). You have the option to customize every aspect of how the leads are assigned within the account team, including applying credits that act as a weighted distribution of records among your SDRs.

  • Target Account Outbound Round Robins

High-value marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which match target accounts, should go to your best SDRs or AEs. Using this method, these leads are assigned based on account data like revenue, employees or regions to find the right owner. By segmenting leads in this way, you can more effectively distribute your resources into areas where you intend to grow.

  • Non-matched Segment Round Robins

Some MQLs that come through the pipe will not match any existing accounts. Rather than manually sifting through these leads, you can assign them to SDRs based on the information that is available, like company size or industry. This automation saves time, and helps avoid human error when assigning leads.

  • Default

Of course, you are bound to encounter MQLs that don’t match any accounts and that don’t have enough information overall for them to be segmented based on other attributes. In this case, they can automatically be grouped into a general pool of SDRs.

These five rules will simplify how marketing passes accounts on to sales, and will ensure that each account is receiving the attention it deserves. They also provide a structured approach to account-based marketing, which makes it easier to scale operations as your business grows.

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