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The Ideal Salesforce Assignment Process


Lane Four takes the manual work out of the assignment process.

With Lane Four round robin rules, you can map leads to territories according to regional factors like postal codes, company size, or more importantly, use matched account data to increase the chance the lead gets to the right person at the right time.

Round Robins can be configured in one of four types:

  • Account owner teams round robins allow you to connect an account owner with one or more SDR’s
  • Regional round robins allow segmentation across territories
  • Outbound round robins assign leads which match unassigned accounts
  • A default round robin when no other matches apply.

To make routing rules more powerful, Lane Four has a credit system for round robin distribution which allows you to weigh the number of leads a sales rep should receive. For example if SDR #1 has 2 credits and the SDR #2 has 1 credit, SDR #1 will receive twice as many leads. Lead assignment details offer an overview of conversion rates and number of leads assigned at a glance.

Request a demo to learn more about how Lane Four can simplify your lead process.

Round Robin Setup


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