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Optimizing Salesforce Duplicate and Matching Rules

Optimizing Matching Rules

Lane Four is 100% native and built directly into Salesforce as it’s based upon the matching and duplicate rules which are available in all Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce. 

Our clients have the flexibility to play with infinite combinations. For example:

  • Creating fuzzy matches on account name and lead company name so that “Company Inc.” matches “Company”.
  • Creating an exact match between a lead and company clean web domain.

An easily configurable interface and no 3rd party servers mean your data stays where it should and can be controlled by your organization administrator. Matched view is made visible directly on your record layout, and lets you group matched data into four categories: Matched Leads, Matched Accounts, Duplicate Leads and Duplicate Contacts. 

Reach out and request a demo to see more!

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