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How to Match Leads With Accounts

How To Match Leads With Accounts

Lane Four is a 100% native application that lets you make the most of the tools you already have. These rules give Lane Four all potential matches in your Salesforce instance, including fuzzy name matching and domain matches.  These matching rules are available in all Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce, and are entirely contained within Salesforce. Other solutions do this outside of Salesforce in a server locked off from the organization administrator. You have endless combinations to match leads to accounts, to contacts,  to other leads or even match accounts with other accounts. Eliminating the need for a 3rd party application means you utilize the admin features already at your disposal while ensuring your data is secure.

Lane Four employs a number of evaluating steps to determine the best match among the choices. The most common methods of evaluation happen through the comparison of fields such as region, last name, account name, domain name, and cleaned names. Automation can be set to give the lead a score if a lead field matches a similar field on the account. Reps have a simpler way of discovering which leads to target within an account. Missing data on matched leads can be filled in with account data to eliminate any ambiguity. For example, putting the account rating onto the lead rating field to ensure they can be assigned to the right user.

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