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How Salesforce Supports Account Based Marketing

Account Based MarketingLane Four is entirely based upon the matching and duplicate rules provided by Salesforce, making it 100% native and built directly into the platform. An easily configurable interface allows you to group matched data into four categories: Matched Leads, Matched Accounts, Duplicate Leads and Duplicate Contacts and organize them neatly on record layouts. With this comprehensive view, leads can be mass updated, edited or merged with one easy click. The match view gives complete visibility on the account and gives reps an overview of which leads to nurture within a target account.

Lead assignment is based on account data. With Region Automation Setup, you can map leads to carved out territories according to regional factors like postal codes, or account information such as minimum number of employees.  Round Robin automation simplifies assignments so that the Account Owner, SDR and Round Robins (outbound and default) are assigned if the record meets that criteria.

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