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Why Visibility is a Must-have in Record Matching

Why Visibility Is A Must-have In Record Matching

A dilemma that faces many in the world of sales is the overabundance of information. Every day, organizations receive new information by the minute in the form of leads – it’s not uncommon for a team to run across hundreds, maybe thousands, of leads in a single week. With so many new leads coming in, this bombardment of data makes it very easy for a rep to lose track of key leads.

It goes without saying that all leads have to come from somewhere, meaning that there is or will be an account associated with every lead. This is exactly where account matching plays a vital role – when a lead becomes connected to an account, the majority of unknowns in their information is filled in. From there, it can be converted into a contact within the account. The common thought process is that once a lead becomes matched to the right account, life becomes easier for the reps. However, what exactly changes with a lead once matched?

For many matching tools, a lead simply acquires a custom field populated with the matched account name – this in no way benefits the visibility you have into a target account. What so many reps need is the ability to see what leads are associated with their accounts. Being limited to just a custom matching field means that to find these leads, one would have to perform a search or create a report. Our solution to this is to put all matching data associated with a record right on that record’s page – this includes leads, contacts, and accounts.

For example, a lead page would have four different tables:

  • Matched accounts – displays account matches
  • Duplicate contacts – displays contacts with the same contact information as the lead
  • Duplicate leads  – displays leads with the same contact information
  • Related leads – displays leads that have a common matched account

Often is the case where multiple leads can come in, all associated with a single account. A rep will probably choose to focus their efforts to convert a single lead from that batch – the rest are seemingly neglected. Eventually, the single lead is converted into an account and the others are forgotten or lost track of. These “dead leads” can result in confusion amongst your reps as to what is closed and what is still active. How do we solve this? Well, managing your leads can be done simply through the mass edit and mass convert functions found in the tables. Cleaning up your leads can provide a massive boost in performance and time efficiency for your team of reps. Match visibility provides a clear benefit in the fact that account reps are able to see all the leads on a target account without having to go through a search – this helps to keep your reps focused on their account and your organization tidy.

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