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Save Time with Lead Conversions

Save Time With Lead Conversions

Tedium is never in short supply when it comes to dealing with technology, cloud databases in particular. The act of pointing and clicking, then waiting and repeating, is usually what drives people nuts. Luckily, there are ways in Salesforce to minimize this frustration, but where does it all stem from?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the amount of information in any Salesforce database is HUGE (otherwise, why would you need Salesforce?). New information flows like a constant stream into an organization, and how it is handled determines the performance of a company. Realistically speaking, your organization might see thousands of new leads every week. The typical life cycle for an incoming lead will consist of the following steps:

  1. A lead is generated through marketing (online ads/website forms)
  2. The lead is assigned to a user (sales rep) via round robin assignment
  3. User takes ownership of lead – determines if lead is qualified
  4. Lead is converted and transferred to a new user (usually an outside sales rep)

Every step in that process faces its own particular challenges, but the final step can prove to be the most tedious for an unprepared organization. When a lead is converted, it becomes a contact that is part of an account. If the qualified lead does not match any existing account, then the conversion will also create a new account. An opportunity is also established to keep track of actions and communication with the contact. Salesforce has its own feature to accommodate manual conversions within individual record pages, but that is exactly where the problem arises. As mentioned previously, leads are the most abundant record type in your database, and to have your reps click through hundreds of pages to convert leads is a slog on your organization.

Adding the magic touch of automation will smooth the machine that is your database. Our clients face the same challenges, and we’ve worked extensively on a solution to help them get over that hump. For one client, more than 35% of all their incoming leads matched an existing account, so it made sense for us to improve their conversion process. When a qualified lead matches an account, an automation algorithm can instantly turn those leads into account contacts. Automating the conversion of incoming leads is an invaluable asset, given that it frees up time for your reps to focus on more important tasks. A manual conversion option also exists with our solution that can be found on every record page. Instead of converting one at a time, users can convert by bulk the leads of their choosing, done entirely through our matched view tables. For example, account pages will display a table of related leads – to convert into that account, all that needs to be done is select the leads and then click.

Lead conversion can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but with our suite of features, it doesn’t have to be. Through our conversion tool, we’ve helped make life in Salesforce easier for many of our clients, and we can do the same for you.

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