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You live in Salesforce, so should your tools. We created Lane Four as a 100% native application for six reasons, all of which get you the most powerful tools to do your job better.

Configuration of Matching Rules

InnovationThe new feature that comes with professional and enterprise editions of Salesforce provide you powerful tools for matching records and identifying duplicates. This includes the ability to match leads with accounts, leads with leads, leads with contacts and accounts with accounts. Lane Four is built on this engine because it allows exact and fuzzy logic mapping all with administrative features you already have.

Some people will tell you a native application can’t achieve the fuzzy logic mapping and data processing capabilities, this simply isn’t true. Check out Matching Rules for more information on this powerful Salesforce feature.



A 100% native application must have all administrative features contained inside Salesforce. So we don’t need to create complicated integrations with a 3rd party system. This is why other tools require you to log cases to make administrative changes.We believe the Salesforce admin should have the power to make changes in real-time. 

Non-native applications try to re-create out-of-the-box tools but this breaks the connection with the Salesforce update path and leaves you reliant on 3rd party improvements. With Lane Four, you work with experts who understand Salesforce, and ensure native features work the way you want them to. When Salesforce improves those features, your organization benefits in real time.


Salesforce provides world class security so why are you willing to allow sensitive data to move into 3rd party systems without question? Many 3rd party tools require the entire Salesforce database to be downloaded and processed by these remote servers. This increases your risk to data leaks and hacking threats, so avoid this unnecessary risk. 


ScalibilityBecause 100% of the data remains in Salesforce we can develop features quickly. We don’t need to replicate your database on a schedule. For example, you can manage who should be assigned a matched account and this change should be instantly reflected by the system without needing to wait for an automatic sync or an API call to the 3rd party system.


road mapWe’ve partnered with Salesforce on their matching engine, meaning as we’re developing productivity features to make your life easier, Salesforce is working
to make matching and duplicate rules more powerful. We’re thrilled by this partnership because it means you get features quickly and we get the benefit of Salesforce’s massive R&D budget. 

Lane Four also gets to integrate directly with the data contained in your Salesforce environment, this means we don’t need to invest in complex integrations and expensive data reconciliation tools, this lets us focus on the productivity tools you need. 



Because data isn’t replicated outside of the Salesforce platform, our lead to account matching, views and assignments run in real-time, this means we can process 10,000’s of thousands of leads in minutes not days. Many organizations need to align regions and re-assign 100,000’s of leads and expect their tools to keep up. 

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