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1.217 Notes

Audit Report

Use the new Audit Report to look into how Lane Four has processed a Lead, Account, Contact, or Opportunity record. From the Lane Four component on the Detail Page, click on the Audit Report button to view the activity that took place on the record and the status of each step. Dig into any step to get the technical details on what happened during its processing. Within that page, you will also find a Lane Four Fields tab containing the metadata for the record, which Lane Four used for routing and other functions.

Find the Audit Report button on the top right of your Lane Four component on a Detail Page.

Region Automation Improvements

You can now set up a default region in Region Automation without specifying any geographic or account characteristics. It will be used as a catch-all for any leads, contacts or accounts which don’t match other regions.

We’ve also improved our region matching logic to consider exact matches on postal code and account characteristics over a postal code-only match. Exact matching logic can be found on our Region Automation documentation page.

Segment Custom Object Round Robins

Custom Object Round Robins can now be segmented by up to 2 fields to allow for greater flexibility. You can create multiple Round Robins for a single custom object, and configure any 2 fields to be used to select the appropriate round robin. For example, you can choose to create a unique Round Robin for each sales territory and company size type for any Custom Object record you want to assign. Previously this was only available for Round Robins on accounts, contacts and leads.

Round Robin User Experience

We have made some changes to the Round Robin screens to make creating and managing Round Robins more intuitive. A new feature is the ability to add new Segments and Sub Segments (previously called Region and Sub Region) while creating or editing a Round Robin. This means one less step when setting up segmentation. Anytime you have a new field value which you would like to use in your segmentation, it’s easy to create a Round Robin for it.
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