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1.214 Notes

Match View:

  • Lane Four has converted the Match View into a Lightning component, which is available for use for leads, contacts and accounts.
  • The Lightning look and feel has been applied to the classic layout, this ensures consistency with the system.

Apex match methods:

  • All Lane Four functions are now using Apex match methods, this greatly improves the stability and performance of various one-time jobs.

Defining a dedicated Lane Four user:

  • Historically a dedicated user has been managed through the running of a job called “self schedule” as the desired user. To manage some of the limitations of this, a new method has been deployed using a connected application.
  • To enable this feature, go to the Lane Four tab, click the gear, and click “Change Lane Four User”.

Self schedule job:

  • When the self schedule is running, the transaction batch processing isn’t called directly. Removing a situation where the running user of code was not the defined user.

Lead Task Status:

  • Rollup now uses transactional architecture, this resolves an issue where updates in a batch were failing due to row lock errors.

Transaction record creation:

  • Reduced the frequency of transaction record creation when account fields change. Specifically when:
    • Transactions for leads where a round robin assignment failed due to missing credits in a round robin
    • Transactions are more selectively created from account updates

SLA security check:

  • Resolved an issue where some users could not update SLA records.
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