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1.212 Notes

No more duplicate record sets and items

  • A few key functions in the application now use Salesforce match methods. This is a major move forward because it eliminates the need for one-time updates, manages changing data much more accurately, and is the pre-work to supporting real-time lead-to-account matching.
  • Currently, the core lead-to-account match function, the one-time lead-to-account check and the match view use match methods. Look for additional updates here shortly.

Duplicate visibility without a one-time update

  • Now that match methods are used, if a duplicate rule to show duplicate contacts or leads is present, this will show up on the match view without one time updates.

Updated process to match leads when account values change

  • When an account value such as website or name is changed, Salesforce match methods will detect if existing leads match the updated account.
  • All leads that might match the account are then processed via lead-to-account rules.
  • Note: You must have a duplicate rule which matches accounts to leads for this feature to work. Please contact us if you don’t.

Region Automation updates

  • Region automation field updates are skipped if the selected field is trying to update a non-updatable field

Lane Four permission set

  • The Lane Four assignment user permission set is now auto added when a user launches the Lane Four tab. This ensures all functionality works for users who access the Lane Four tab.

Auto account creation

  • Small updates to the user interface

Round robins

  • Inactive users are now hidden from the round robin interface. They can be added back if you need to see them later.
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