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About Lane Four

Lane Four is a boutique consulting firm with decades of collective experience in the Salesforce community. Since 2013, we’ve helped numerous high-growth SaaS startups and non-profit organizations work faster and smarter using the power of their Salesforce CRM.

We also offer Lane Four 2.0, a lead routing app that simplifies key lead management processes in Salesforce including lead-to-account matching, routing, and round robin assignment. High-growth startups use our app to boost their account-based strategies, manage rapid growth, and scale Salesforce across their companies.

Explore Solutions

Salesforce Consulting for Startups

We help growing startups scale Salesforce to save time, increase productivity, and boost revenue.

Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing

Streamline inbound and account-based programs with lead-to-account matching, lead routing and more.

Our Clients

Our Team

Andrew Sinclair

Founder & Salesforce Consultant

Joana Lourenco

Co-Founder, Salesforce Consultant & Implementation Partner

Lisa Plekhanova

Director of Client Engagement

Rebecca Rodrigues

Salesforce Solutions Architect

Amy Bryan

Salesforce Consultant

Alyssa Di Guglielmo

Salesforce Consultant

Payne Hwang

Salesforce Consultant

Meghan Saunders

Salesforce Consultant

Rebecca Frailich

Developer & Salesforce Consultant

Mathieu Hubbard

Lead Developer and Technical Architect

Alexander Greco


Kevin Laine


Pete Gilbert

Front End Developer

Tamara Saldina

Front End Developer

Jenya Farris

Head of Product

Courtney Prior

Customer Success Manager

Tatiane Sensini

Lead CPQ Consultant

Aidas Dirse

Manager, SaaS Practice

Andrew Georgescu

Manager, SaaS Practice

Vesna Sorgic

Revenue Operations Consultant

Anthony Carione

Director of Sales and Business Development

Quinten Early

Account Executive

Petar Radic

Account Executive

Stephanie Damgaard

Communications & Marketing Manager

Arthur Ng

Marketing Associate

Tony Faria

Professional Services Coordinator

Quy Tran

Business Consultant
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